Makeup weapons, Makeup Brushes!

Wassuupp People!!
Hope everyone is doing well.

Let’s talk about something that all women LOVE!!

When we talk about makeup, undoubtedly “Makeup Brushes” are the game changing weapons.

(Make sure you read till the end if you are interested to know how to use each brush.)

An amazing drugstore go-to eye makeup brush set:

“Marble Set” by Girlie Stuffs:

It is an all-eye-makeup brushes set. It contains 10 super amazing eye brushes. Their bristles are made of “black goat hair & white goat hair”. Two of them are made of synthetic fiber. They come with a marble print, dual sided, magnetised case, which makes it super easy to carry them while travelling and keeps them safe.

Costs ONLY 120AED.

Available online on and you also order through their instagram.

Shanza’s Theory:

These brushes are suitable from beginners to professional artists. Blends the eyeshades really well and feels very soft on skin. Very very less or no hair loss after wash which makes them usable for a very long time and surely very pocket friendly.


• Made of natural goat hair.
• Feels soft on skin.
• Blends the eyeshadow really well.
• Very very reasonable.
• Very less or no hair loss.
• Long lasting bristles.
• Easy to carry while traveling.


• For me the major drawback is the eyeliner brush. It has a bit too long bristles because of which they bend alot while applying the eyeliner, thus many times the eyeliner application goes wrong.

• And sometimes the eyeshadow on the tip of blending brush bristles gets difficult to wash off.

• Not vegan.

Here. I’m going to write a bit about what each of them are used for so it might help some of you guys who aren’t much aware of it.

These are 4 blending brushes that are included in the set.

(From left to right)

• First: As you all can see the first one has the most fluffed out bristles and is bigger in size than the rest of them, it is used for blending out the harsh created lines while you blend the eyeshadow on the eye crease.

• Second: It is used for detailed blending of the eyeshadow after you apply it on the desired area.

• Third: This brush is suitable for applying the eyeshadow on the desired area of your eyelids

• Fourth: This one is also recommended for detailed blending of the eye shadows.

(from left to right)

• First: it is a flat brush with a bit of curved bristles, it is made of synthetic fibre. Used for concealer application, eyebrows defining with concealer and also used to apply liquid eyeshadow in a specific shape, angle or line.

• Second: It is a straight flat brush also made of synthetic. Suitable for applying eyeshadow under the eyes, blending out eyeliner or can be used for lipstick application too.

• Third: This brush is mainly used for eyeshadow application on the eyelids, mostly the shimmery or glittery ones which do not require blending. It can also be used for blending out the shadows applied under the eyes.

• Fourth: It is an eyeliner application brush.

• Fifth: This one is a round precision brush with small-tight bristles, used for blending out the shadows under the eyes. These brushes are super handy to apply the colours on the eyelid’s crease as its small bristles controls the application very well and makes the blending easier.

• Sixth: Lastly, this one is a double sided eyebrow brush. On one side is an angled brush for eyebrow product application and on the other end is the spoolie for blending out the product applied on the eyebrows.

So this is pretty much it about these gorgeous brushes.

To find out about the looks I created using these brushes, head to my instagram.


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