The bragged about “Amrezy Highlighter”, by Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics

Hey Guyssss!!

I’m back with another review.
Today’s talk is about this bragged about highlighter “Amrezy” from Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics.

So guys, I heard many good reviews about this highlighter, which made me wanna try it even more. As good as it looks in the pictures, in reality, it looks even better. It is a hard-core-pigmented-blinding highlighter, for all skin types and complexions.
It is basically a collaborated launch of ABH Cosmetics with a well known personality in the beauty industry “Amrezy” (YES! Go stalk her NOW!)

**Make sure you read till the end to find out the tip on how to make it even more pigmented and to stay even longer.

Shanza’s opinion:

Trust me girlsss!! I think this is one of the best highlighter’s formula in the market. It gives a gooey sheen, super glow and smooth textured finish, but it is surely a bit too over-priced.


It comes in a black and bronze-gold coloured flat rectangular pan container, rose gold stars textured on top makes it so chic. It contains a mirror too. Mirrors inside the palettes are always something that gets me excited… Come on! Who doesn’t wanna again and again see that highlighter POP.
The 3D effect of the highlighter in the pan makes it even more LIT.

Colour & Pigment:

Its has a cool toned champagne colour, we can say somewhere in the middle of pink and bronze undertone. Perfect for all skin complexions.
It has a smooth and silky texture that makes it glide on the skin so well. It literally dissolves in my skin. I’m sure it does on everyone’s skin. The fact that it doesn’t have a single fall-out makes it a plus.


– Super silky and smooth texture
– Highly pigmented
– Suits all skin complexions
– No fall-outs
– Lasts for literally 12 to 15+ hours (I have experimented)
– Dissolves in the skin and feels light
– Immense quantity


For me, the only negative about this product, is that, being a single shade, it is a bit over priced, which somewhere is still okay because the quantity is too much for it to last a year or longer.

Price & Availability

It costs 159AED
Available in all the Sephora stores and on sephora website.


For an even more intense application, spray a makeup fixer on the brush after you take the highlighter on it OR before you apply the highlighter spray the fixer on your on the area you wanna apply it to.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed the read. For more, catch me up on my instagram: Shanza Belleza

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