The ONLY two concealers from Maybelline!!

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This is Shanza, starting off a new section on the site, which I am really excited about, named “Shanza Belleza”. I will be reviewing loads of makeup products, sharing tips and ideas for different makeup looks and I will keep giving you makeup inpos frequently.

Today I am reviewing two only concealers from maybelline, one of the best drugstore brand:

Age Rewind and Fit Me.

About them:

Consistent concealers to cover the dark circles, blemishes, puffy eyes and fine lines.

They are also a very good help in shaping the eyebrows neat and clean.

Shanza’s Theory:

They are one of the best drugstore concealers, they last long, for approximately 8 to 10 hours. It works wonders for dark circles and pigmentations. For me, “Age Rewind” has a better formula than “Fit Me”, but both of them are definitely good.

Before we talk about their pros & cons and “How to apply”, let’s begin knowing more about each of them separately.

Age rewind:

– It comes in a transparent container that is different than others, as it contains a sponge applicator on top which makes the application smoother and easier.
– You have to twist the collar of the container in the direction shown on the bottle to let the concealer flow out on the applicator. For the first time, it will take more than the usual turns.

– Its texture is thick and consistent enough to make it last longer than the “Fit Me”.
– Long lasting.
– It comes in 18 shades.
– Its shade “Neutralizer” is a plus for covering the stubborn dark circles.

– Pigmented consistency.
– Hides the dark circles in one application, covers the fine lines and pigmentation.
– Reasonable price.
– Medium to heavy coverage.
– Long lasting.

– Dries up a bit too fast.
– The cap is a bit small which usually gets dirty while opening and closing it.
– Some shades might oxidise on some skin tones/types.

For extreme dark circles, I suggest using the shade “Neutralizer” first, and on top of it, the actual concealer shade.

Fit Me:

It comes in a square shaped container, there is a long stick attached to the cap which contains the applicator on its other end. It is a pretty usual packaging, but makes it super easy to apply.

– Its texture is less consistent than “Age Rewind”, but that makes it feel light on skin. It dissolves on the skin, so its better for those who do not have extreme dark circles.
– It comes in 12 shades.

– Feels very light on the skin.
– Easy application.
– Good for daily use.
– Reasonable price.

– It needs too many applications to hide dark circles and pigmentation.
– Needs a Setting powder to make it last longer and to make sure it doesn’t crease on the wrinkles.

Let’s learn the application:

Below is the picture of my bear eyes, no makeup at all.

I used “Fit Me” concealer, shade “20”.

Here is how it looks after I fill them up:

Second step is to outline the eyebrows with the concealer and cover the eyelids or any area you wish to cover with it, as shown in this below pic:

Then use a beauty blender or any concealer applicator to blend the products all around the desired area.

Make sure you dab the concealer with the blender or brush and do not slide it around, as that will make the application false. If needed, set the concealer with a compact or setting powder.

And we are good to go with the concealer application.

Below is how the “Fit Me” concealer application looks.


Age Rewind: 9.99$

Fit Me: 6.49$

Available in all Lifestyle stores, Life Pharmacies, Carrefour and Maybelline kiosks/Stores across UAE.

Online Links:



I hope you all enjoyed the review and the pictorial.

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One thought on “The ONLY two concealers from Maybelline!!

  1. Age rewind is one of the best concealers I have used so far .. specially that puffy sponge at the tip.Fit me was also comfortable.


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