High tea at Burj Khalifa

Hello everyone!!

Indigo living was launching their new collection and invited me to check it out personally, over a high tea at At.mosphere, Burj Khalifa 💖

I was so honored! The view was amazing, the restaurant is adorable and the view is breath taking.

I tried to wear something that would be appropriate for the day time, and at the same time elegant enough for the situation. So I hope you like the inspiration!


Purse: Love Moschino

Watch: Fossil

Necklace: Notandas

Bracelet: Malabar Gold

I also wanted to share some of the dishes I had there. The champagne was super light, sweet and delicious. The sandwiches and sweets were pretty good. The scallops also made a mark 💖

Instead of just going to At The Top, Burj Khalifa, I would recommend going for the high tea at At.mosphere. It is just a little more expensive, but it is on a higher floor and you can enjoy it over nice food.

Hope you liked it!! See you soon 💖

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