My weight loss journey just began

Helloooooo everyone!!

Yeah… It is true. I am finally with the motivation I need to start losing weight. It took me a lot of time and a depression crisis to have the strength to do it. Everyone has their own reasons for weight gain and for not trying hard enough to lose it. Some have diseases, some have genetic problems, some others, like me, have some psychological problems. I suffer with anxiety and depression. So low self-esteem and demotivation are my biggest enemies.

Since I moved to the UAE my routine changed a lot, and my body was a consequence of it. I gained weight slowly: a total of 15kg throughout 2.5 years. Comfort food was the answer for missing my family and friends,  being in a new home country, trying to adjust by myself, always at home without anything to do… It took me time to realize how much I had put on, and when I did, it was such a shock. Routine, seeing myself every day in the mirror, made me blind. And when I opened my eyes, there I was: from a size 32 jeans to a 44.

Old picture (2012)

Old picture (2012)

My old pants don’t pass my thighs and my favorite dresses don’t close. I had to buy new clothes and even new underwear. Nothing fit me and I needed to learn how to style myself accordingly to “look” like I hadn’t gain so much.

Recent picture (September, 2017)

But yes, the first thing I did when things didn’t fit anymore was buying proper sizes. Many people say: “But it doesn’t look like you gained so much!! Your body is so proportional”. And this is because I didn’t “force” my body in clothes that wouldn’t fit me anymore. I felt really sad to see myself going this path without doing anything to stop it. But I kept buying bigger clothes. In the other hand, they helped me shape up my body. I didn’t create deep marks on my hips and didn’t get a “jeans belly”, because I avoided tight jeans at all costs. The consequences could have been bad…

I bought higher pants to shape my hips and got clothes that would mark my waist better. I didn’t wear anything tight on my “love handles” to make them as round as possible following my hips and waist line. I didn’t wear waist trainers… Though now I have been considering trying it, hehehehe. 

Check it out how a good size for your body plus a high waist jeans can compliment a plus size body, giving it a round hip and a beautiful waist:

I feel thankful that my choices made my weight gain have the least consequences possible. I grew proportionally, without any stretch marks. That’s because it happened slowly and I always kept my body well moisturized. Dry skin have more chances of developing it. Now I have an “hour glass” shape that I never had before, and that was the best part of this entire phase!! Hahahahaha.

But now I am ready to go back to my old me. The body I grew up on and learnt to love myself in is the tiny fragile one. Many people compliment me more in this new shape. But I need you guys to understand I was not used to be the “sexy” type, with a full body and big hips. It bothers me a lot… So all I want is to be the “tiny Sindy” I was before once again.

I started dieting by myself 3 weeks ago and I have the help of two awesome clinics in this process: VLCC for weight loss and Kaya for body shaping. I can’t wait to share my achivments and results with all of you 💪💪💪 I didn’t start exercising yet. I will in October, Inshallah ✨✨✨
I took some “before” pictures and measurements. So we will know what exactly I achieved in around 2 months.

August, 2017. (Before I started dieting)

And remember, all we need is some motivation. Be strong guys. We can do it!! 💖💖💖

2 thoughts on “My weight loss journey just began

  1. Eu gostaria de uma orientação sua, se puder falar comigo por e-mail ficarei muito grata.

    Muito obrigada.

    Bjinhos linda!!


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