My SUPER oil mixture for ALL your hair problems!


Helloooooo everyone!!


After so many requests, I am here to share with you guys a little secret of mine… Since I started bleaching and coloring my hair at home, I had to learn how to care of it myself. I went through all the bad consequences of doing it to my hair: dry, dull, broken, full of split ends, elastic, weak, thin hair. hahahahahaha. But my will to have this colored strands was way too big to give up. ❤ ❤ ❤


I had to cut my hair short many times due to all those problems… But that was all over after I finally nailed an oil mixture that would save me rom ALL my problems. I use this mix for over a YEAR now, so I can tell you that it REALLY WORKS!!

Since I started using it, my hair fall decreased drastically and I have more volume. It also made my hair grow in a way faster speed than before. Growing bleached and colored hair can be so difficult, since I always have to cut its ends to keep it with a healthier appearance.

The mixture also helped to reconstruct my hair, filling the “emptiness” of my hair after it was all stripped away with the bleaching. So it I got a much stronger hair after using it every week.

How to use:

  • Apply the mixture 4 fingers away from your roots till the ends. Tie it up and put a hair cap to sleep. Wash the next morning.
  • Apply on you scalp till the ends, wear a heating hair cap and wash after 30 minutes.

Use it once a week, for 3 months straight to see hair fall / hair grownth results.

Only use twice a week if it is a “hair emergency”. And don’t use it twice a week for over a month.

Hair strength and glow can be noticed on the first use. But better after the first month.

Only use 100% pure oils on your mixture.

Don’t boil or over heat your oils on the microwave, it will “kill” its vitamins and amino acids.

I am NOT a hair specialist. I developed this oil mixture MYSELF by trying many other before. I suggest this based on my own experience.

Watch the step by step of how to make your own oil mixture:


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