My new skin care routine hack: Foreo Luna 2

Helloooooo everyone!!

I have been waiting for almost a month to talk about my new skin care baby, because I wanted to be 100% sure about my opinion towards it. But you guys know, this is what I ALWAYS do. I don’t suggest anything without trying it myself for some time.

Almost a month ago I got a Foreo Luna 2: Sensitive skin.

I was, more than anything else, curious about it. I just couldn’t understand (be it my ignorance or not) how come ONE product could be the solution to so many things related to skin care. So now I can tell you first hand about my discoveries!

It comes with the T-Sonic technology that delivers 8,000 pulsations per minute. This guaranteed that my skin got visibly cleaner than before, since this method unclogged my pores and left my skin less oily. It comes with two different pulsations. One is the sonic pulsations to clean, and the second one is the low frequency pulsation that assists the skin to absorb the facial creams, while stimulating collagen. This combo visibly soothed and firmed my skin.

Another thing I loved about the Luna 2 is its size and body. It is very comfortable to use and the big surface makes it very easier to wash/treat the face/neck faster. In one side there are the touch points. They gently remove dead skin while deep cleaning the skin. The other side is wavy, made to be used while applying the face creams. It is meant to help against wrinkles and aging signs.

Foreo has a medic silicone body, which is dermatology and allergy safe. It is waterproof, making it perfect for people like me, that is always worried about the cleanliness of the things I use. I can wash it and disinfect it without any fear of spoiling it.

One more thing that is awesome about the Foreo body is that you dont need to worry about charging it! You charge it ONCE and it will last for around 7 months of full use (twice a day, as recommended). This is perfect for me… hahahahaha. I am a very VERY practical person and I hate worrying about these little things. It also comes with a traveling pouch and a charging cable.

Now I will show you the step by step on how I have been taking care of my skin using Foreo Luna 2, Sensitive Skin.

I start by removing my makeup with a cotton soaked with makeup remover. I don’t like washing my face with makeup on it. I feel that it takes longer to feel absolutely free of makeup. But this is step is of course something of my taste 🙂

With my skin now free of makeup, I put some water on my face, spread a cleansing soap of my preference and use the touch points side of my Foreo Luna 2 to exfoliate and unclog my pores. By pressing the ON/OFF once, it starts the cleansing mode. Every 15 seconds it will re-start the pulsations to remind you to change the area of the face you are cleaning. Over exfoliating/cleaning is never good.

After cleaning, press the ON/OFF button again and Foreo will enter on stand by mode, so it can wait for you to start the next step of the skin care routine. With that done, I rinse my face and apply a toner.

Now I can begin the last part. Pressing the ON/OFF button again will put Foreo on the anti-aging treatment mode. In the morning I use a moisturizing cream, while at night I usually prefer a whitening cream. I spread some drops of the product on my face and then spread it with Foreo while gently massaging my skin. This mode will also remind you to change areas every 15 second, to prevent you from over stimulating your skin. After all, nothing done too much is healthy.

After this last step, I am ready for bed! If it is morning time, I would apply my primer and start my makeup.

Foreo Luna 2, in less than a month, left my skin soooooo much softer. I can say I was quite shocked by it. I am really happy to have it around and I don’t see myself substituting it for anything else any time soon. It is perfect for all my needs, hygienic, brought me visible results in no time, practical and comes with a 10-year quality guarantee. So you don’t need to worry about buying replacement parts.

You can buy it at or at Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales, for 950,00 dirhams.

Any way, beautiful people, #MermaidTested, #MermaidApproved ❤

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