When two nerds marry: a tour through my apartment!! (video and pictures)

Hello everyone!!! ūüėÄ


I can’t believe I am finally posting my house tour… HAHAHAHAHA. I lost count of how many times you all requested to see were this crazy alien here lives ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧





I am sorry couldn’t post anything before ūüė¶ Our first apartment was so so so tiny that we couldn’t fit more than 3 people in the living room… HAHAHAHAHA. And this new one was so big that we didn’t have all the furniture needed to properly cover it. So I had to wait till some furniture would arrive from India, and they just came!! I am so happy ūüėÄ If you follow me on instagram you most probably saw all the struggle on my insta stories: click here to follow me there!


I wanted to keep the house classy, but since hubby and I are incurable nerds, we kept one room for all the A W E S O M E stuff. The living room is a mix of ancient and modern industrial. All the plant vases I built them myself. I bought many different faux plants and broke them apart to put them together as I wish.



The living room is pretty huge for only 2 people, and we HARDLY  receive guests, so we kept a two seater sofa to keep the TV area neater. I mixed many different colors of furniture and decor, making the ambiance less serious, bringing some life to it.

Our bedroom is super comfy and has an awesome walking space. I kept all the furniture in it with a white wash, so the decor and small details could pop out. We have a beautiful wooden pannel to decorate the top of our bed and a plant by the dark brown mirror to give it some color. And hubby needs to bare my super girly dresser in the room… HAHAHAHAHAHA.

The office is like our command central!! HAHAHAHAHA. The nerd room. I simply love it to bits and I was lucky to be able to decorate my corner with all the things I love. Collectibles, stuffed toys, posters, art, lights… It is the girliest and fiercest corner I have ever had!! Hubby has those super heroes art I made him for Christmas last year on top of his corner and he also has all the lights matching. It looks more manly but super fierce as well.



You can see the complete house tour video bellow:


Did you like it? What was your favorite corner of the house? Please let me know on the comments!!! ūüėÄ


Beijo beijo ‚̧


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