Desertcart UAE: fake or original products? I ordered a Michael Kors purse, and see what I got.

Hello everyone!!!

I am sooooooo excited right now… HAHAHAHAHA. My Michael Kors purse just arrived and I just can’t stop loving it.


But here is the catch: I didn’t buy it from the Michael Kors site nor from the store at the mall. I ordered it from Desertcart UAE.

Couple of years ago, when I had recently moved to the UAE, I needed to order few things online and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Not online, not in stores around the country. My only option left was Desertcart. By reading reviews, I felt a little skeptical, but decided to trust my guts. And by this first try, I wrote my first review about the site: My Desertcart experience.
Since then, I never stopped ordering things from the site, whenever I need.
So by the end of May, they were having this awesome online event selling Michael Kors items by almost half the price!! Every month they work with different well known brands, and that time it was MK.
I couldn’t help it… HAHAHAHA. I had to order one for myself.



I am a very anxious person and the 10 days delivery time almost killed me!! Hahahahaha. Every day I would wake up thinking about my new baby that was about to come 💖💖.

The bag price was near 2.000 dirhams, and I got it for 1.000 dirhams. If i am not mistaken, it was 45% off.  A M A Z I N G!! And since I always do my little research, I couldn’t find the same bag anywhere by a lower price. They nailed it 🔥🔥🔥




Desertcart get the items from suppliers in the U.S., so there was a huuuuuge range of bags and wallets to choose from. I had to control myself! I almost went crazy… HAHAHAHAH.
The bag arrived really well packed!! I beated by far the Moschino I ordered directly from Italy last month. The Moschino was bought from their site itself. It was delivered in 3 days, but very poorly packed. This MK today came in beautifully: double protections everywhere, papers, cushions, plastics, pippings… Really really impressive.




The one thing that got me a little bummed? It didn’t come with a care bag. I take a lot of care of my things… A bag to keep it from dust is a must for me. So I will have to get one myself…



And now you may be asking yourself: so is it an original bag? YES. Yes it is. It was the first thing I checked once I opened the package. The leather smell, the leather press prints, the zippers, the in-lining, the inside cloth… Everything as it is suppose to be! This is exactly why the missing care bag was a surprise, because the purse came exactly as it was suppose to.


To answer some questions you may still have, I did a mini interview with Adil Riaz, responsible Desertcart UAE support and customer service.


1. What has Desertcart done to improve customer service this last year?

“We are working hard to offer our customers the best service and to that effort we have expanded our customer service department to reduce ques and wait times when customers call in. Our customer service timings have gone up (9AM – 9PM Saturday – Thursday except in Ramadan and public holidays). We have also reduced the response time for our email queries which are targeted to be answered within 24-48 hrs. There is a quality assurance department now that crosschecks any feedback or customer complaints so we are pushing for better service quality.”


2. How can desertcart protect its customers against fake items?

“We take authenticity very seriously and we believe that customers should receive the product they have ordered as it is described. We try to get in the best suppliers and merchants that offer only the original products and we blacklist merchants that do not have good reputation. When we are running any online event we get only the most reputed merchants and suppliers so authenticity is guaranteed.”


3. How can I proceed if I see my item is fake?

“In the off chance there is a product that comes in that is not as described or is not authentic, you should inform us immediately via an email to with a short description and a few pictures. We will immediately launch an investigation and initiate a collection. If the claim is true we will issue a replacement, refund or store credit depending on your choice. Meanwhile we will also blacklist the merchant and lodge a complaint against them. So in any scenario we have got you covered.”


4. What to do if I need to return an item?

“We have a flexible 14 days returns policy, if you do not like the item or if you ordered the wrong size you can initiate a returns as long as the item is in resealable condition with all the original tags. Some items like electronics also carry the manufacturer or merchant warranty so we take care of that as well.”


Do I trust the site? Yes. Do I personally recommend? Yes. Has anything ever happened that would jeopardize my trust? No. I am super satisfied with my acquisition and I have no complaints. No fake products in all my orders till today and an awesome customer service.

So next time you think about ordering something from Desertcart, don’t hesitate. They have been improving a lot and you won’t regret.



Let me know if you guys have any more questions!!

Beijo beijo!! ❤ ❤ ❤

10 thoughts on “Desertcart UAE: fake or original products? I ordered a Michael Kors purse, and see what I got.

  1. Thank goodness for this review. I been hesitant to order from this site for a year or so. Now I can order and rest in peace after your post today.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.


  2. Omggg Thank You so much for this. I always see stuff on desert cart but i was so hesitant to order anything.
    Now that i know its a legit website, i ll be able to order stuff 💕💕


  3. I did plenty of purchases from desert cart. lunchboxes, dental care stuff, crochet hooks and yarn, books and many more stuff. I like them and they are very helpful for me. I also use sometimes.


  4. I would not trust the site I am an independent jewellery designer/maker, and they have stolen my intellectual property (photographs/listing information), doubled my prices, and have ignored multiple DMCA takedown notices that I have filed via their isp.

    They are even claiming to sell products that I don’t make any more. I hope nobody buys them, because they won’t get them.



  5. Desertcart they never deliver products on time its irritating.. they mention delivery date 5 to 8 days and its been 15 days now product still didn’t deliver.

    My Suggestion not to buy from them.

    Buyer Be Aware !!!!!!!


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