A short trip to Africa at Kiza Dubai!


Maaaaaaaaaan!!!!! WHAT IS THIS PLACE???


I got invited over to review their set menu. I was asked if I would be interested in an African restaurant and my answer was YASSSSS!!! People usually do not talk or spread African culture as it deserves. But I am a huge”fan’ of African culture and art. They in an overall such friendly people that will always receive you with open arms… And at Kiza it wasn’t different.


I felt home, I didn’t feel in Africa.


The front door decor is straight one of the most creative representations I have seen. The staff was so cordial and our waiter, Mutiu, an absolute gentleman. The bar lady was so so nice to me, explaning the drinks and explaining everything. And they were SO GOOD! But if you don’t drink, they also serve amazing African mocktails that is a must try.


The first bite of food I had took me back home flying… The Meat Pie is something that tastes like grandma’s food. Feels like they were being cooked slowly for a long time.
The chicken wings are perfect. The African BBQ sauce is a winner. The Goat Soup was too spicy for me, but the meat was extra soft and very delicious. The Beans soup brought me to Brazilian winters…


The COUSCOUS… We couldn’t stop eating. Something so simple and humble made me and my husband fight to see who was going to take the last serving. Hahahaha. The mango salad has a good choice of leaves but lost to the couscous.


Princes Kiza, a whole baked fish, was PERFECT. Awesome seasoning and the rice it is served with remembered me of something my mother used to cook for us as a kid.


The dinner went from a tasting to me becoming a full savage on the food till the point I couldn’t eat any longer. HAHAHAHAHAHA.


Usually I taste couple of bites when I am reviewing a restaurant so I can go through everything. But this time things went so”wrong”. Hahahahaha. I had to ask them to stop serving because I ate all the dishes COMPLETELY till that point. They were kind enough to send me home with the rest of the menu. And guess what? Didn’t survive 24hrs! HAHAHAHA.
The BBO ribs were SO GOOD. The meat melting from the bone and so flavorful that I swear didn’t share with my husband. Hahahahaha.
So do I need to say anything else? I felt sick from over eating on a restaurant review till the point I couldn’t finish what I was there to do… THAT’S HOW GOOD IT IS!!


Kiza is my new favorite place in Dubai.

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