The most EPIC romantic surprise!!

Hellooooo everyone!!


I am so so so excited to post about this surprise…  Hamza and I are completing 2 years  wedding anniversary and I wanted to make something epic!! But I must admit that till I saw his shocked face, I was having a mental breakdown. hahahahahahaha. I was so nervous about doing everything without letting him know what was going on. I was completely LOST!




Instead of just buying him couple of gifts, I decided to decorate the ENTIRE  living room, because… Why not? hahahahahaha. But I wouldn’t have time to set everything up alone! To help me out I called the girls from Shakz Occasions (more about them on the video) and to complete my set of gifts, my friends from Maison Decadeaux dropped by and gave us a beautiful gift basket (also on the video).




After couple of days of work, this was the final result!!

You can see the entire process and his reaction to the surprise on the video bellow. I was a really fun, funny and emotional vlog to record. I hope we can make you smile… And get inspired to surprise a loved one too!!


This is is guys… Please let me know what you think!

Beijo beijo!



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