New wood furniture show room in Sharjah!!


Omg guys…


Everybody is always asking where I get all my furniture from. Since we moved apartments last year (end of 2016), I made sure to share on my social medias how my new home has been looking. I know I owe a special post about it, but since I’m still waiting for couple of pieces, I can’t post. YET!!


So while we wait for my house to be at its 100%, I will tell you guys a little about from where 97% of my house comes from. LITERALLY!! auhauhauahuahuaha. No jokes. Shelves, coffee table, decor, dresser, mirrors, frames, arm chairs, racks, tv stand, vases, desks, bed, wall decor, dining table, chairs, and more!


Lucky Furnitures is the place. It is located in Sharjah, where, in the beginning of this month, they opened a show room! Before, for more than 30 years, it was a complex of warehouses, which still exist by the way. Some people may find it weird, but I love the “treasure hunt” feeling that shopping around the piled furniture give! They have over 10 THOUSAND pieces IN THE WAREHOUSES!!! It is just an insane amount of hard wood furniture to bury yourself in.


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But if gold digging is not for you, don’t worry! The new show room displays all the furniture in different sections, giving you an idea of decor while presenting all those beautiful antique pieces.

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They can do customization on the furniture, like changing the colors, removing doors, adding shelves. It all depends on how you piece is, of course. But they make it seem that almost nothing is impossible, hehehehe. I myself added glass tops and changed colors to basically everything I got!


The show room and warehouses are all on the same block, which is located in Sharjah Industrial Area 11. You can just type it on Google Maps that it shows up very quickly. They are open EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, from 10 am to 8 pm, straight. Only Fridays they close from 11 am to 2 pm, for the prayer time.LUCKYS2


I seriously can’t wait to post about my nest soon. The mix I did, bringing the ancient and the modern, all in one place, is just to die for! I swear I am not exaggerating … hahahahahaha. I know I am not even close of being a decorator, but everything is coming together so nicely! I know the pieces help a lot, hahahahaha. So I will post a few pics as a sneak peak, so you can see what I am talking about:

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So yeah!! I am so so so so happy!! It is furniture for a life time, since they ONLY use real hard wood. And due to whatever customizations you may add to your pieces and the wood treatment they do to prevent pests, it may take from 1 to 2 weeks to deliver. But they will arrange it with you. I painted almost all of my furniture. hahahahahaha.


Here is a little video they recently posted on their page:


You can contact them through:

Or call:

– 055-5907405 (whatsapp as well).

– 06-5341937 (shop’s number).

One thought on “New wood furniture show room in Sharjah!!

  1. Hi

    I’m Vyshnavi! Hope you’re doing good!

    I’d like to know if they’ll ship the furnitures to anywhere in UAE. Also does they cost you for customization? Do they customize the doors of our built in cupboards?

    Thank you


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