Hello everyone!!


I just came super super quick to let you know about a flash discount M.A.C Cosmetics just announced on their facebook!! It is valid on ALL their stores located in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, and also on their online store. According to them it is for a limited time, but they don’t make the date certain…





I went to their online to see it with my on eyes… And guess what?? It is true! No hassle, no mess, no calculations. It is plain simple: you shop whatever you want from the amazing MAC products, and at the check out the 25% discount applies automatically ❤


mac print 3.jpg




Too bad they don’t tell us for sure till when the discount will be valid… But can we complain?? NEVER!!


Rush girls! And grab that MAC product that was still missing on your collection ❤ Don’t forget to share this great news with your “makeup friend”!!


See you soon! Bye

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