Discover the new releases at Sephora!!

Hi guys!!!

This week Sephora was super kind and gifted me their latest releases! I felt so so honored to be recognized by them. It is simply the “must go to” store when you talk about makeup and skin care, and getting a gift from them was just out of this world.

Even though I recorded the full unboxing of the almost 10kg Sephora Middle East bag, I decided to write more about each product, their prices and release dates, so you can be up to date. (video at the end of the post).

MANY MANY products are coming to the Middle East market, but I will be specifically talking about the ones I received from them.

Made in Sephora, Febuary Releases

First I want to start with the one that called my attention the most!

I am super super SUPER picky with mascaras. I HATE when they clump, making me look like I have only 5 lashes… HAHAHAHAHA. So the NEW CINESCOPE MASCARA was such a pleasant surprise!! I immediately has longer, fuller and non-clumped lashes Cinescope Mascara for: AED 95/ SAR 97/ QAR 94/ BHD 9.8/ KWD 7.5.

Another release is the Sephora Cream Lip Stain. Velvet, soft, creamy lipstick that doesn’t leave your lips chapped or dry after it sets. And it also do its job: super long lasting! The matte shades are simply to die for, and you can buy them for: AED 75/ SAR 77/ QAR 74/ BHD 7.7/ KWD 5.75.

Next we have the Rouge Lip Tint. THIS IS SOME NEXT LEVEL SH*T!!! I seriously didn’t expect it to be so long lasting… The swatch I did on my hand for the video simply didn’t come off!!! I tried makeup remover (as I showed on video), washed my hands and lived a completely normal life the next day and 24 hours later I still had some light shade of pink on my hand… If you are looking for a “feel-free” lip tint that is truly long lasting, this is what you are looking for. You can buy the Rouge Lip Tint for: AED 65/ SAR 66/ QAR 64/ BHD 6.7/ KWD 5.25.

Now the Sephora Sun Disk. This limited edition disk is just super cute and made me feel like welcoming the spring and colorful tones back. It has a mix of matte and shimmery colors, to help achieving a “sun-kissed” look. You can buy is for: AED 93/ SAR 95/ QAR 92/ BHD 9.80/ KWD 7.25

Next is the Sephora Perfect Glow Primer. It feels soooooo good on the skin!! It has micro capsules that bursts when you apply, leaving a small tint. You can see it on the video! It is super pretty and leaves the skin with a bronzed look. I unfortunately couldn’t get the information of how much it will cost in store…

And last, but no least, the Gel Mask – Hydrating & Quenching. It is meant to give you a ultra-hydrated skin in just 5 minutes! This gel mask works like an instant splash of water. Skin is quenched, looks more beautiful and feels refreshes, softer and more supple. You can buy it for: AED 75/ QAR 74/ KSA 77/ BAH 7.7/ KWD 6.


Kat Von D Beauty, April Releases

First of all, I love this woman!! HAHAHAHA. And she is coming now with the AMAZING Lock-It Setting Mist. I SAID MIST!! It is sooooo beautiful to see (it is on the video). No more taking a shower to set the makeup. HAHAHAHAHA. Its cucumber complexe soothes both oily and dry skin, and locks the makeup on up to 24 hours!! You will be able to buy it for: AED 120/ QAR 120/ SAR 120/ KWD 9.5/ BHD 12.5.


Another upcoming release is the Lock-It Setting Powder. It comes with Micro-Blurring Technology and an instant soft-matte finish, you can lock in a flawless look, since its formula is perfect for baking! It will be sold for: AED 170/ QAR 170/ SAR 170/ KWD 13.5/ BHD 17.5.

They also sent me the Tattoo Liner, but it is not a new release.

Tarte, Febuary Release

This is pure love!! Tarte’s new Pro Glow Highlight and Contour kit is BEAUTIFUL!! It comes with 6 pigmented shades and creams that can look amazing in any skin tone. Powered by nutrient-rich Amazonian clay, each shade balances skin for the best payoff possible with no harsh lines and a longwearing finish. You can buy it for: AED 225/ QTR 225/ KWD 17.5.


They also sent me the new Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint. I guess I don’t need to say how pretty it looks!! You can check out the swatch on the video. The lip paint is available for: AED 95/ QTR 95/ KWD 7.25.

Glam Glow, March Release

Receiving this one was such a pleasant surprise!! The new GLAMGLOW’s DREAMDUO™ Overnight Transforming Treatment already exists on the American and European market, but it is coming on March to the Middle Eastern market.


It is the brand’s first skin plumper, an overnight sensation that helps you wake-up makeup ready with an “Instant Hollywood Glow”. I tested it and as all Glam Glow products, it works like magic!!

You will be able to buy the DreamDuo for: AED 320 (other currencies not confirmed).

“Better Together” Collection – Too Faced & Kat Von D Beauty, March release

Sephora sent me this suuuuuuuper cute cheek and lip makeup set. I loooooved the bag. It is so so cute

They stuffed it full of some of their most popular minis, and some in new exclusive shades: Too Faced Love Flush Blush in “So Happy Together,” Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder in “Rosy Glow,” Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in “XO” and Studded Kiss Lipstick in “Muse.”  The blush and the highlighter have such a beautiful shimmer!! You can also check out the swatches of EVERYTHING  on the video.


You will be able to buy this product (and others from the Better Together collection) in stores for: AED 165/ SAR 165/ QAR 165/ BHD 17/ KWD 13.

Too Faced, February release

OMG!!! It’s Back! The palette people lost their mind over is now a FULL collection. They sent me the Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection Palette, but now returns with new peach “friends” to add to your “Sweet Peach craze”. I looooved the pallet, specially the “Talk Derby To Me”


You can buy the Sweet Peach Palette for:  AED 269/ SAR 269/ QAR 19.8/ KWD 21/ BHD 19.8.

Urban Decay, March release

Sephora Middle East also sent me the new baby from Urban Decay: the  Urban Defense Complexion Primer. Using sunscreen is A MUST in our region, specially for me… My skin is so sensible 😦 I use it every day before applying my makeup, but I always feel that normal moisturizers make everything oily so fast! Now my search for a sunscreen that won’t mess up my makeup is OVER!!


It says on the box that “in a clinical study of Urban Defense Complexion Primer, immediately after use:

• 96% of participants had a reduction in pore visibility.

•  100% had smoother-looking skin.

• 100% had more even-toned skin.

You will be able to buy it for: AED149 (other currencies not confirmed).

Beauty Blender, Febuary release

The new Beauty Blender Bubble comes in such a cute pink champagne tone… And this sweet baby pink shade was made exclusively for Sephora. And this new sponge comes to “solve” one of the biggest complains: the product waste. When damp, the open-cell structure of the exclusive material ensures the sponge is not absorbing your makeup, but rather keeping more on the surface, hence saving you product and allowing for even coverage.


They also sent me the new Micro.Mini Bubble, which is the ultimate corrective makeup tool offering flawless coverage for the smallest parts of the face.

Both are available exclusively at Sephora Middle East. (I couldn’t confirm the price).

Lime Crime, February release

F I NA L L Y we have Lime Crime in the Middle East now!!! I am so so so so so so happy with this news


They sent me the Matte Valentines lipstick, which is inspired by rose petals. It comes with a French vanilla-infused formula that it is just soooo smooth! Available in 29 shades, they are highly pigmented, touch-proof, kiss-proof, and utterly addictive. You can buy them for: AED 95/ SAR 98/ QAR 95/ BHD 9.75/ KWD 7.5.

Marc Jacobs, April release

Now I am feeling compelled to start doing some more colored makeup… HAHAHAHA. They are beautiful, they are soft, they are matte, they are super pigmented, waterproof and comes in 12 new shades!! I am talking about the new: Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon!!


Lay it all on the line and double down on color with the malleable formula that glides on smoothly for precise application, then sets in place for all-day wear. Literally! The swatch I did is simply not coming off… hahahahaha. You will be able to buy them in April, for: AED 100 / QAR 100 / SAR 100 / KWD 7.5 / BHD 10.5.

Nails Inc, February release

I die for nail products! I love doing my nails at home and pampering them the best I can. So I felt super happy when I saw the release of the halal brand here on the Middle East. I have many muslim friends that would love doing their nails, but they go through the praying, so they can’t be wearing nail polish. I feel so happy now that we finally have a solution for it on the region ❤

Sephora Middle East sent me their Nailpure Top Coat, which, unlike traditional lacquers, Nailpure’s alcohol-free varnish film is not only halal and air and water permeable, but also enriched with Nails Inc patented Regenerating Complex (a three-part Aldehyde, Zinc, and Calcium blend), that boosts the production of the protective protein keratin.


I also go the Cambridge Groove, a lavender color, which is one of the 4 new Spring Nail trend shade, available for 3 months only. Embrace the soft pastel shades this season and subtly clash or complement your tips and toes with Nails Inc long wear, high shine formula for stay put color.

Both are available for: 69 AED, each. (Other currencies not confirmed).

Christophe Robin, February/March release

You guys know I am ALL about hair right?? It is impossible for me to maintain my colored and heavily bleached hair healthy without good products I can trust. And this is why I am super excited about having CR here on the region now.

His products are famous between celebrities with colored hairs, and well known for the great results. Sephora sent me the Regenerating Mask With Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil. A deeply regenerating, creamy formula that is meant to restructure, strengthen, and protect all hair types with a profound and long lasting effect, from roots to tips. and it smells FABULOUS!!! I am crazy to try it out this week…


You can already find Cristophe Robin products at Sephora Mirdiff City Centre and and it will be in stores at Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates from March onwards. You can buy it for: AED 195 (other currencies not confirmed).


You can watch the full unboxing video bellow:

I hope you guys enjoyed knowing a little more about what is coming to Sephora Middle East. The products range from each brand is waaaay bigger than what I am able to show, since I am focusing exclusively on the products they sent me.

If you are interested on me posting all of the products that are about to release, let me know, and I can tell you guys more of the behind the scenes from Sephora Middle East ❤

Many many kisses!!! Byee!

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  1. I really wanna try out the Rouge Lip Tint and the Sweet Peach Palette.
    Gonna go watch your video now ❤


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