DIY romantic decorations!!

Hello everyone!! 😀 😀 😀


It was Valentine’s… Yaaaay!!! ❤ Did you guys celebrated it? Did you do something special?  I hope you did! Cause here at home we tried to do something different.


I wanted to decorate the house and order some food to wait for Hamza with everything ready. I even took a shower, dressed something appropriate… But unfortunately came back home very very early. Hahahaha. So instead of giving up, I called him to help me around with my plan. I felt that in the end it was something so good!! This was a great opportunity for us to spend sometime together.


I cut around 150 hearts, in different sizes and papers and textures… And then I tied them to a red shinny thread. I also blew balloons and tied hearts to them as well. My idea was to glue everything on the ceiling, to give an idea that everything was floating… hehehehehehe.




Hubby kept going up and down the ladder for around one hour to make it all happen. But in the end both of us felt so so proud! The living room was looking super cute and romantic, the table was set with candles… Very inspiring!




Now, about the delivery, every place I called was asking soooo long to deliver! I got so upset that I gave up on the plan. I went to the supermarket near by and bought ingredients to cook a simple seafood paella.




In the end, it was a very nice evening, with nice food, movie, games and we got to spend a lot of quality time together. You can see more of our day on the video bellow, including the step by step of the decorating and the paella.



I hope you guys liked it!! 😀 😀 😀

Let me know if you guys have any doubts or suggestions…


Beijo beijo!!

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