My experience at Skydive Dubai!!

Hello everyone!!

Today I am here to share with you guys something very special to me… Today I went to Skydive Dubai for the second time!!

The first time was a very pleasant surprise… Rimmel London Arabia invited me to jump with them for the campaign of their new ScandalEyes collection, back in 2016. Skydiving is something I ALWAYS wanted to do. I am a very fearless and adventurous person, so I love daring myself to do new things. I love the adrenaline!! When I saw the email with the invitation I think I didn’t take a second to reply… HAHAHAHAHAHA

At the time, I posted a video with a mix of mine and Skydive Dubai recordings, to show not only the jump, but the “behind the scenes” as well, how they prepare us and guide the person who is jumping through the entire process. You can check it out on the video bellow:

The experience was so AMAZING that as soon as I landed I promised myself that I would jump again ASAP!! And I am such a lucky girl… Z Pizza UAE invited me to jump today!!! And it was so freaking awesome. As I kinda new the procedures better, I was able to have a lot more fun, and the “camera man” that came with us was also a Brazilian, so we were joking around and all!!

Skydive Dubai has jumpers from all over the world, so you don’t have to worry about not understanding the instructions! They have speakers from majority of the world languages, and this is really nice, not only for safety purposes, but also to have you video recorded on you own language!!

Watch my second jump bellow:

Both times I jumped at The Palm, and it is such a breath taking view! They even let you “play around” with the parachute if you want while going down. Both times I did some turna and spins and it was soooo much fun. After the jump you need to wait around 30 to 40 min to get your pendrive with around 35 pics and a video of your experience.

Also note that your jump needs to be scheduled before hand! They are always very busy, so you need to go on their site (Skydive Dubai) and choose the date and time more appropriate for you. Skydive Dubai charges 1.999 dirhams for jump at The Palm (with videos and pictures) and 1.699 dirhams for the jump at their Desert Campus. They also offer shuttle services and discount for groups. Please check more info on their web site. And if you are a girl, you can also choose to jump with a woman if you are uncomfortable to jump with a male.

I have simply NO COMPLAINS towards Skydive Dubai: it is a very happy ambiance, the jumpers are super professional and charismatic, everything super safe and transparent.

If I am coming back? YES!! I want to have the opportunity to jump with my husband soon… hehehehehe.

Let me know if you have any questions on the comments bellow!!

Beijo beijo!

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