OOTD: celebrating a new chapter!

Hellooooo everyone!! ❤


First of all I need to thank all of you for the patience… Since the “moving process” began 2 weeks ago, I basicaly disappear (except from my insta stories, in which I have been awfuly present 😂😂).

With all the mess and lack of computer and a working area, it was kinda tough to keep up. Plus, I am a total freak and I work day and night to make the house looking all set as fast as possible. I even forget to eat!! I have literally eaten only once a day since it all started. Without mentioning all the events and meetings I had to cancel 🙁🙁


No. The house is not ready… But ALMOST there 😍😍 I’m crazy to record a house tour and make a blog post with the decor details 🔥🔥

So today I got ready after a veeery long time so hubby and I could go and celebrate this amazing new chapter of our lives with some good old Brazilian churrasco (barbeque).

I decided to wear the colorful dress from Adventure Time I got on my visit at IMG Dubai, so it would match my new hair ❤❤ I hope you like it!

Shoes and purse -Steve Madden

Dress – Cartoon Network

Jacket – New Yorker

My vlog at IMG Worlds: https://youtu.be/m3Zz02OJZCU

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