Princess time at Abeer Beauty Spa

Hellooooo everyone!!!

Do you guys know that till today, I never had a Marrocan bath nor a Turkish one?!

By the time I was marrying Hamza, they offered me before the marriage, but I refused it. I was afraid of all the scrubbing. My skin is very thin and I thought something might happen to me…

I didn’t know what I was missing!! And to prove me wrong, Abeer Beauty Spa called me for a special afternoon ❤

Everybody was so caring and loving to me that there was no way I wouldn’t feel amazing just by sitting there and waiting for my spa time. They have the cutest sitting area and presented me to the most delicious Turkish apple tea!! I love it so much I will try to buy it for my own house… hahahahaha. So addictive! And the staff is so sweet. They kept feeding me so much tea, because I couldn’t stop drinking it.

For the Turkish Hammam, which Abeer Beauty Spa has the tittle of the 5th best Hammam in UAE by What’s On Magazine, I was taken to a super relaxing and silent room. The decoration took me to a calmer state of mind by itself. The Hammam room is set up with beautiful silver plates and pots, a heating stone and a marble water sink/container.

 Carlota, my Hammam therapist, was the sweetest person and I felt like I was her friend for years already. That made me feel much better throughout the whole process. I personally don’t like a lot of the idea of having somebody doing services for me. I always like to have some type of connection… So she lightly scrubbed my entire body and face (SO MUCH DEAD SKIN CAME OUT!!), washed me, massaged my body with bubbles (best foot massage of my life!!), cleaned my hairs and applied special honey moisturizer on my body.

The difference of my skin was INCREDIBLE!! Shinny, smooth, thin and healthy. I felt brand new again…

After all this princess time, I went to get the most beautiful blow dry done. My hair was feeling like never before ❤ I left the salon ready to rock any event I may have.

Abeer Beauty Spa is having amazing discounts and packages this month and I wanted to share with you all, because it is something friends MUST share and I love you all too much… hahahahaha 😀 😀

I am going back there for another princess time… How about you? I hope I see you there!! ❤😘

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