When Kiss NY Nails saved the day

Hello everyone!!

Last week (Wednesday 19th, today is Tuesday 25th) I had a photoshoot schedule. And I also had the Layal party already on my agenda. So I was super worried, because for both occasions I needed beautiful hands for the pictures, but ZERO time for salon.

I swear I started panicking a little… hahahahaha!

But what happens next changed a bit some of the pre-conceptions I had about fake nails.

Luckily Kiss NY UAE sent me a huge box FULL with their latest products.

I always had a problem with artificial nails… Because here and there I do acrylic extensions, sometimes I glue a fake nail underneath to make it firmer. But after one week to 10 days, the nails start falling off after all the showers and dishes. This ruins everything for me: one or two nails off, all the others hanging on and no time to do aaaaaaall the acrylic process. So I started gathering HATE for artificial nails.

I don’t know Kiss NY since yesterday… hahahaha. They were my first fake lashes EVER, back in Brazil. Something like 6 to 7 years ago! They were starting in Brazil and the quality and prices were (and still are!) amazing. So as a student with a bad paying job, they were my first option and I didn’t regret. The lashes lasted for so long!

So going back to the nails.

I had no time in had and I was desperate. I got the box and decided to give it a try, since I had no other option.

The pack comes with glue, stick to help remove the excess of glue in case of any mistake, nail filer and the nails. I start by choosing the sized of each nail. I test all of the and separate right and left hand before starting. Once it is done, I file the surface of all my nails with the more gentle side of the filer of with a smoothing sponge. This will create a little “irregular” surface, helping the nails to stick to it more firmly. Apply the glue on your nail. Don’t be shy! hahaha. And try to cover it all with glue. Put the nail on and hold FIRMLY for 30 seconds. Yes! Squeeze your finger girl! You don’t want nails falling off or air bubbles under it ūüėÄ

After applying all of them, I file the sides and shape it a little so they look more natural on my hands. I also filed the tip, as the “easy holder” part leaves a little hole after breaking it off.

And I was ready and done in waaaaay less time then if I went to a salon or tried to paint my nails. My hands were looking picture perfect and NOBODY suspected they were artificial!!

You can find Kiss NY products in all big supermarkets in UAE (such as Carrefour, Spinney’s, Lulu) and on any pharmacy close to you (Bin Sina, Boots, Life, Aster, and more). Stay tuned for more Kiss NY product reviews!

See you soon!

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