Layal Burjuman launch party!!

Hey everyone!!

I am here to share a little bit of how the party went at Layal Beauty.
I must say I got there a little low and tired, due to all the sun at Fashion Forward… I am not used to be under the heat for long, so I gave me quite a hard time.


So as soon as I got to Burjuman, I rushed to the bathroom to try to make myself looking a little more “alive”. It wasn’t a success…. hahahahaha. But guess what!? They were having amazing makeover happening live at the store. So Layal’s pro makeup artist gave me a hand and made me look pretty and fresh for the event ūüėÄ


But what I didn’t expect was what happened next… Girls that only came to meet me!! It melted my heart and I even got a little emotional. You guys have no idea how important each one of you are for me and how it enlightens my day when I can meet and talk with you. So, please!!!! Never be shy to come to me, or ask for a picture. It is my pleasure and makes me feel closer to you guys ‚̧



I also met the winner of my last giveaway and amazing ladies at the store. We were hanging around and taking pictures while trying the delicious fizzy drinks they were offering on the spot.



Layal was offering 15% off in all products and giving sample bags to everyone who visited the store. They also gave me these beeeeautiful gifts. The staff was so caring and friendly that I didn’t realize that I was there for more than 1 hour and a half!!


Plus… You guys won’t believe it. I got meet and chat with Girly Henna!! The most famous henna artist in Middle East. We even exchanged pics on whatsapp and she posted ¬†a pic and tagged me on her instagram! hahahahahaha. I was having serious fan girl issues there. Jumping around and showing everyone my white henna. And not only that, but now she even follows me on instagram. I swear I didn’t sleep at night. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


I will make a special post talking about my experience with the white henna on the next post!!

Thank you all for coming and making my night so special ‚̧

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