OOTD: the art of posing in a garage parking

Helloooooo everyone!!

And yes. You read well. I was posing in a garage… hahahahahaha!!

It was at the launch event of Dubai Social Diaries tonight, an online magazine founded by Sonia Kamran, in which I am also collaborating as a writer ❤❤

It was all very pretty and fun at Pulse, but too dark for nice outfit pictures…

So, after my husband picked me up, I asked him to rush me to Spinney’s, in Sahara Mall so I could by candles (I LOOOVE CANDLES!!) and an agenda in Virgin Store (ain’t I getting fancy?? Hahaha).

Right before leaving, I was like: “Babe, I NEED pictures… It is not everyday I am going to be dressed by Kiki Grinberga” ❤

And there I was, posing, between the garage and the mall, with audience and all! Hahahaha. Not the best place to do it… But I also couldn’t help it.

I hope you enjoy the pics after this short story! Details at the end.

Dress – Kiki Grinberga

Clutch – Namshi

Diamond ring – Malabar

Diamond necklace and bracelet – Notandas

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