I won the Cosmo Wards!!


When I received an email from Brooke Dallow, the editor in chief from Cosmopolitan Magazine Middle East, I almost had a heart attack!!
First I thought it was a prank… “We are happy to inform you were selected as one of the 4 nominees for the title of Ultimate Vlogger 2016”. I was like: “Yeah… Right. Me.”
But then… Shit got REAL!

My picture was right there on September’s magazine, on the voting site, on their instagram videos… I was stunned!

I posted on my page letting my followers know what was going on. I remember telling my husband and friends: “I have no chance to win this guys… I am so small and the others are super stars, my idols!! Impossible!”. But I posted and moved on.

The day of the party came and I was so nervous and shaking! I couldn’t take pictures or smile… I couldn’t chill. At all. I was so nervous!! And then I got a call: “Hi Sindy! We wanted to know if you will make it to the party…”. I looked at my husband, saying “Are you thinking what I am thinking??”. And he replied: “Don’t say it or you might jinx it!!”

My heart went places after the call and I can barely remember what I did till the announcements started.

Guys… I WON. THEY CALLED ME ON STAGE… I have my award given by the hands of Brooke herself. I couldn’t believe it. I started shaking even more till the point I almost fell while leaving the stage… HAHAHAHAHAHA.

And it is all thanks to YOU!!! My followers, that I consider as my own family. You guys believe on my work, think that I have something interesting to say and are always supporting me so much.


I may not be as big as the others… But I have the BEST FOLLOWERS I could ever imagine to have.

I have no words to thank you all. You will have my forever gratitude

Now enjoy few more pics and the vlog from the Award Party!!


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