Giveaway results!!




Finally I am back with the results… And I must say sorry for the delay 😦 So many bad things happened this week. I hope you can understand. But now I am back and here we go!! 😀


The number picked on the LUCKY DRAW was:

winner giveaway 3

winner giveaway 2

winner giveaway

winner giveaway 4


CONGRATULATIONS ROSA LETALE!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I am so happy for you 😀

Now you have 24 HOURS, counting from the time of this post (4:45 a.m., 12/06/2016), to contact me with 2 print screens: one proving you follow me on snapchat, and another proving you follow me on instagram. If you don’t, another lucky draw will happen to find another winner.

To all of those who participated, please, don’t feel sad!! I have another amazing giveaway coming soon… VERY SOON!!

Thank you everyone and… Beijo beijo!! ❤

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