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Hello everyone!!

Today I am here with the “not really famous” Ciaté London Nail Treatment range. By that I mean the products are not well advertised or not “out there” as much as they should.

Ciaté London keeps growing as global brand that covers everything from nail care to nail art, and that’s what it is known for. But the quality and variety of the nail treatments surprised me a lot!! Specially because, in my humble ignorance, never heard of it before.


I was invited to go to TishTash office last week to attend to a “mini-class” hosted by Beauty Solutions, to learn more about Ciaté London nail care. They were super caring and we had so much fun! So I decided to share with you the “news”. Why? Because it IMPRESSED ME JUST TOO MUCH.


My nails got DESTROYED during my stay in Europe, and till last week they were breaking, bending and losing all its dignity… hahhahahahaha. But now my nails look like nothing ever happened!! I am still in SHOCK.


So here are some  of my favorite products from the nail range:

11072262-1424350721-490283Nail Quench

It not only works as a vitamin, collagen and bamboo extract packed nurturing nail treatment, but also as a base coat to give nails a glossy boost, for hydrated and healthy-looking nails. The multi vitamin compound strengthens and fortifies nails, while Vitamin E nourishes, prevents dehydration and increases elasticity.

Apply across the nail bed. Ideal as a base coat to smooth the nails surface, leaving a natural glossy shine.


nt025_nail_gym_group_1024x1024_Nail Gym

A “Personal Trainer” for your mani. Use this intensive treatment developed with Advanced Oxygen Technology and patented Hexanal for strong, toned and healthy looking nails.

Apply twice a week to promote healthy strong nails. Tip : it can be used as a protective base coat, apply one coat under your nail polish.

nt026_status_grow_group_1024x1024_Status Grow

This daily treatment is packed with multivitamin Keratin activator to boost growth and strengthen your manicure. It also contains patented Hexanal, which is clinically proven to significantly strengthen and improve nail condition, Marula Oil, which nourishes and smoothes, and a UV filter to prevent yellowing.

Apply two coats twice a week. For best results, use regularly for 4 weeks.


nt019-choc-pot-white-chocolate_1024x1024_Nail Polish Remover

Speedy polish remover, perfect for quick mani switch outs! Wonderfully nourishing and delicately sweet, the gentle formula swiftly removes polish in one swish leaving a delicious chocolatey aroma. The non-drying formulation is acetone free and enriched with intensely hydrating Marula Oil, Vitamins B5 and E to condition and care for nails whilst indulging your sweet tooth with its sugary cocoa scent. Delicious!

Just dip your finger in the pot, twist it for a couple of seconds and remove for speedy polish removal!

nt031_knight_in_shining_armour_group_1024x1024_Knight in Shining Armor

A breakthrough in beauty sleep! This overnight nail mask is a mani saviour – its unique wash off formulation requires no polish remover, wake up and wash away to reveal restored, revitalised nails. Enriched in Marula Oil for hydrating, brightening, revitalising results; and Urea, an extremely efficient nail moisturiser that penetrates nails to deeply rehydrate.

Apply one coat on bare nails at night- time. Do not wash hands immediately after use. Wash off the next morning with soapy water.

nt028_nail_super_hero_group_1024x1024_Nail Super Hero

This Super Strength base coat helps to promote nail growth, strengthen and hydrate – taking nails from knackered to nurtured. 82% of users found their nails harder and less fragile after use! Formulated with patented Hexanal, clinically proven to significantly strengthen and improve nail condition. Plus Caviar & Garlic extract to fortify nail and Chaulmoogra Oil which moisturises, nourishes and smoothes.”

Apply two coats twice a week. For best results, use regularly for a minimum of 4 weeks.


I am personally using Knight in Shining Armor every day since then… And I am loving it! My nails literally stopped bending or breaking. It is kinda bad to wash it the next day from my nails, because I am just too lazy!! hahahaha. And when I forget and do something with water, I can see some “white dirt” on the corners of my cuticles. So I am like: “Oh my God, I have to wash it off”. hahahahaha. But man… IT IS WORTH IT!!

You can find ALL Ciaté London products, and many more, at Beauty Solutions site. And they are having a really nice promotion: free delivery in UAE when you spend above 200 dirhams!

I hope you enjoyed the tips ❤ If you have any questions or comments about it, please let me know on the comments! I love talking to you.

Beijo beijo!

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