Celebrating 1 year marriage!!


Hello everyone!!!

So, on May 10th, hubby and I celebrated 1 year married!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ The year passed so fast we could barely believe it… But all that matter is the love we feel for each other and how strong our relationship has becoming. We had an amazing and happy celebration among family.


To blow the candles, the sweet Samar Jalil, from Dolce Gateaux, gifted us with this super delicious “cake-tart-mousse”, made of pistachio sponge cake and a mango mousse! I was so different… I have never seen something like this before.



I made our night even more special ❤ I loved the combination! But as a mango lover, I must say that the mousse was my favorite part! Now hubby like the pistachio sponge cake more…. hehehehe. It wasn’t too sweet nor it was missing something. The combination really worked out for me! I could have eaten half of it by myself… auhauhauhauah.


It was such a special night!! I can only thank for having everyone to gather around for us. Also, thank you for all the messages, inbox, comments, posts and etc, wishing us happiness. It means the world to me all this love you guys send to us ❤



Check out more of Samar’s work on the links bellow! She does some amazing fondant art… I get impressed every time I see. If you are in UAE, don’t waste time, just place your order.

Dolce Gateaux:

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