Frizzy hair? I have the solution!


In days of excessive moisture, which is basically an every day thing here in UAE, have frizz free hair is not always easy… 😦

To help you “tame the mane”, I gathered few advices, and the mooooooost important one to start with is: take care of your hair so that it doesn’t break!! One of the biggest reasons why your hair must be looking out of control is due to breakage. Therefore, gently untangle the strands of your hair with a wide-tooth comb. Remember that you should always start from the bottom up. Another tip is to prefer wood or silicone combs. Plastic combs can create a little static electricity on your hair, making it look frizzy.

The number of times you wash your hair does collaborate to frizz. The shampoo itself opens and dilates the hair cuticles, which ends up forming the frizz. When you don’t wash your hair, the natural oils from your scalp runs down to the tips and helps to “naturally moisturize” you hair .

Young woman holding hair against white background

Always moisturize your hair! Specially if you color your hair too much like me (or do any type of chemical treatment). If you don’t apply any masks, oils and etc, your hair will begin to open its scales, creating unwanted volume.

Another tip is to do not sleep with your hair wet, because when you lay down on the pillow, the fibers are more sensitive, so the friction will make your hair frizzy. I spoke a little more about wet hair being fragile on my 10 tips of how to take care of colored hair video:

Another tip is to not sleep with your hair braided or with any other hairstyle, because it creates volume. Comb the strands before going to bed and try to sleep with your hair all up, in a way you won’t roll on top of it during the night.

If you are suffering too much with frizz due to breakage, hair pins are a good solution. AVOID hair bands… They will break your hair even more, marking it and creating a very weird wave. If you are going out in a hurry and you don’t have time to wash your hair, a good tip is to spray water in a few strands and use the dryer to style it again. Spray water on the roots and comb the strands with a brush. The frizz and oily effect will look a bit better and you will be able to go out in peace!

I hope you like the tips ❤ Kiss kiss 

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