My beauty morning routine!!



Heeeeeeeey everyone!!!


Today I shared on my instagram account (@sindy_mohammed) my morning routine, and many questions grew around it… So I am here to try my best answer all of them ❤


I practice 20 to 25 minutes cardio exercise every morning, as soon as I wake up, while still fasting. I just drink one glass of water and go to war… hahahaha. Some personal trainer don’t recommend if you have heart or glucose problems. This practice helps me burn more calories and faster, as I didn’t ingest any new fats (as I was sleeping). So I am directly burning localized fats (belly, bum, legs).


But before aaaaaaall this, I go through my skin care routine.


You know I have a very fair and sensitive skin. It used to be dry to the point I had dead skin flakes on my face 😦 But this is past now! 😀 So let’s go to my step-by-step:




I start by taking a pill of my MedColl Collagen Suplement. Only creams and oils were not giving me the results I needed on my skin, hair and nails. And that’s because everything starts form inside our bodies!

Vital nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants play an integral role on how we look from the outside.

I took it twice a day, morning and evening. If you have any stomach problems, such as acidity or gastritis, have it along with food. It contains vitamin C, which can provoke acidity.

You can find MedColl for 295 dirhams all over UAE, on the biggest pharmacies.




My next step is a facial moisturizer! I have been loving my Herbal Essentials Nourishing Cream. It smells just amazing! The texture is super creamy, but spreads very easily on my skin.

It contains aloe vera, sweet almond and apricot oil, which are well known natural products that moisturizes and renew layers of your skin. It has been doing miracles to my skin!!

A big plus to the brand is that they are all cruelty free!! For more information about cruelty free products, check out my article Animal testing: what do you think about it?

You can buy the Herbal Essentials Nourishing Cream for 159 dirhams all over UAE, on their site or on any leading pharmacies, such as Bin Sina and Boots.




After the moisturizer dries, it is time for my perfect skin secret: Murad Invisiblur!

It is such a gold-pot: it provides anti-aging treatment, skin primer and sun screen SPF 30, everything in one drop. It “disapears” with some visible signs of aging and skin flaws. Mushroom peptides diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles by helping aid natural regulation of collagen and elastin, while a soft-focus complex smooths and blurs imperfections for improved tone and texture.

For more information about this product, check my Murad products review!

You can buy the Murad Invisiblur for 300 dirhams, all over UAE, on the leading pharmacies, such as Boots and Life, or on their site.



And before I finally go for my cardio exercises, I can’t forget my new best friend… hehehe.

MaxOn Cellufirm Cream-Gel, is a thermo-active lotion that helps preventing cellulitis and firms the areas which already has it, toning it. After I turned 22 I felt a huge difference on my body. It is harder now to lose weight, plus the areas of fat deposits are way bigger now. More visible!

So why not take care of it?? hahahaha

The cream has a unique formulation that heats on the body (the skin even gets red!) and while it is active, it targets the fat deposits, promoting drainage and reducing the cellulitis appearance (the orange-peel skin), toning and soothing the skin.

This product deserves a review on its own. So I will do it after a month or so.

I apply Cellufirm before my cardio exercises, so while the cream in heating on my skin, I am also exercising to help it burn the fats.

You can  find MaxOn Cellufirm for 180 dirhams, on the leading pharmacies across UAE or on Bashara site.


I hope you guys enjoyed my tips! If you have any question, don’t feel shy!! Leave it down here on the comments, I will be more than glad to talk to you.


Kiss kiss ❤

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