“I hate my body”: you should stop saying this NOW



Did you ever looked in the mirror and thought ” I hate my body “? According to a video of the Canadian company Special K , this habit is much more common than it should be: 97 % of women do this and, by doing so, many of them forget their own positive sides. The commercial not only focus to promote the brand, but also aims to show us another perspective on self-esteem.

According to the video, almost all of us are worrying too much about what we do not like in ourselves instead of looking with more care and attention to what we love about us.

Apart from that, have you ever stopped to think how many good things you could do with your body instead of being rude to it? Watch the video below, which shows a way to have a better relationship with yourself .

A survey done by the Weight Watchers, weight loss program, as part of the WomanKind project, interviewed more than 2,000 women on the subject of self-criticism. The researchers found out that one in seven women criticize themselves, starting from the first look in the mirror in the morning, and they only stop at bedtime. Nevertheless, more than 80% would like to treat themselves with more kindness.


The 20 most common female self-critics, according to the survey, are:

  • I am fat
  • My hair is a mess
  • My belly is too big
  • I don’t practice enough exercises
  • I feel sloppy close to other women
  • I don’t earn enough money
  • I’m feeling fat
  • I don’t wear certain clothes because I can’t “carry the look”
  • I would like to be as photogenic (look nice in selfies) as the other women in social media
  • I refuse compliments by saying something bad about myself
  • I worry about people talking bad things about me behind my back
  • I don’t feel well dressed
  • I’m not stylish enough
  • Men are not attracted to me
  • I’m not as creative as the other women
  • My butt looks too big
  • I’m not as organized as other women
  • I don’t spend as much time with my friends as I should
  • I don’t wear enough makeup
  • I am not appealing to my partner

How about you stop saying these sentences to yourself RIGHT NOW?

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