So today a happy phone call woke me up: Murad delivery staff was at my door step with some products for me!! And not only that, I was chosen as the FIRST UAE blogger to receive their new product, the Invisiblur Perfecting Shield!!

msg murad

So I would like to start this article saying couple of small things before talking about the brand and its products. First, I felt very flattered by being chosen by Murad UAE for this first Invisiblur review. It is a big responsability, specially as I am  “the new girl on the block”. I have no words to express how happy I am by being approached by such important brands on the market.

Second, I felt very respected, as Murad didn’t send only small pack of testers to me. I received from the brand 2 full size products worth 400 dirhams (around 100 dollars). This will allow me to review it properly, as I will be able to use their products for a month or so, giving my true opinion afterwards. It is impossible to comment about a cosmetic with a 1 – 2 times tester use.

Third, it shows how human the brand is, by approaching bloggers for reviews of their products. They wanna know what you think about their cosmetics as a consumer. As a cruelty free brand, Murad has all their products tested on humans, and they look for “humans” to review their products. By “humans” to “humans”. It may sound funny, but this is where all brands should take science. As an animal lover I appreciate the concept to the fullest. For more about cruelty free brands: Animal testing, what do you think about it?

And here I finish my “starting” opinions.

Now lets go to the products!! ❤

murad 1

I will start with Murad Soothing Gel Cleanser


Soothing Gel Cleanser is an extra gentle gel cleanser with a patented formula that helps calm and soothe skin. What does this means? The results you can get with this product you won’t find in any other brand. It is an exclusive Murad product, as well as all their products.

The gel  has a cooling reaction on the skin, comforting irritated or red skin, relieving tightness and discomfort. On its ingredients, there is Goji berr and peppermint leaf. These products helps providing maximum soothing protection to your skin. And there is also licorice root extracts, which helps calming the signs of inflammation. The moisture enriched beads soften rough and dry skin, restoring smoothness and suppleness to the skin. The last secret is the pomegranate extract, which promotes strong and healthy skin.

The Gel is formulated without Phthalates! But what is Phthalates?? Phthalates are a family of chemicals used in plastics and many other products we apply on our bodies. Phthalates are a group of chemicals used to soften and increase the flexibility of plastic and vinyl. Phthalates are used in hundreds of consumer products, such as cosmetics, makeup, cleaning products, food, meat, etc.

I felt my skin relaxed (???), is it possible? I was a different feeling. Clean, fresh, but not tight or extra dry. It also rinses off very easily.

Murad Soothing Gel Cleanser is recommended as a step one cleanser in any Murad Redness Therapy Routine.

This product is dermatologist developed, scientifically proven, and tested on people, not animals.

Now lets go to the new award winning Murad product!!!


Invisiblur Perfecting Shield by Murad is an innovative multifunctional formula that provides: anti-aging treatment, skin primer and sun screen SPF 30, everything in one drop.

This lightweight formula acts as an anti-aging treatment, a primer and an SPF moisturizer to smooth skin and “disapear” with some visible signs of aging. Mushroom peptides diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles by helping aid natural regulation of collagen and elastin, while a soft-focus complex smooths and blurs imperfections for improved tone and texture.

My finger before Invisiblur


The amount of product I used to spread all over the front part of my face.


My finger after Invisiblur!


You can see by the pictures that it DOES WORK as a nice primer, giving a nice blur to skin lines! (Click on the image to open full size).

This product is good for all skin tones and everyday use, it features SPF 30 sun protection with invisible sunscreen technology. I creates a fine layer on top of your skin and accepts liquid foundation very well (that’s what I used).

This product is scientifically proven, dermatologist developed and also tested on people, not animals.

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30 is a gluten-free formula. Although the product does contain a barley oil derivative, gluten is not an oil-soluble protein. That insolubility means that the barley oil used in this formula is a naturally gluten-free substance, which gives Murad a high level of confidence that any of the barley oil derivative used in this formula is also gluten-free. In addition, the manufacturer of the derivative has tested it for gluten and provided Murad with explicit assurances that it is 100 percent free of gluten.

Invisiblur contains Murasol: an advanced sun damage defense, that preserves a glowing, youthful-looking complexion. It happens because it provides the skin with protection against both broad spectrum UV rays and free-radicals. This proprietary blend of powerful antioxidants defends against UV damage by penetrating skin’s top layers and creating a protective barrier of encapsulated free radical neutralizers.

In a Murad sponsored study, they discovered that people who used Invisiblur had: 71% saw fewer lines and wrinkles, 94% of them saw improved smoothness and texture and 100% atested the invisible SPF 30 protection.


If I got impressed? Yes I did! With both products… But Invisiblur called my attention more. I have really high expectations with the results. As I am very fair, my skin is ultra sensitive. I have problems with dry weather and excess of AC. Can’t be exposed to the sun AT ALL and I always have red signs of irritated skin. I need to use sun screen to be on the computer or to watch TV. Products against oily skin often dries my skin to the point of getting flakes all over the place, making it impossible to apply any foundation.  Murad came into my life “right at the spot”!

At the end of this month I will be able to post a complete review about my daily routine and the changes the cleanser and gel did on my skin. I already washed my face once and applied the sun screen twice! God knows how excited I am ❤

For more Murad products:


The products were sent to me free of cost, but this won’t, by any means, change my opinion about it.

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