Kerastase Masquintense: is it worth it?


Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense is indicated for EXTREMELY dried hair, such as colored, bleached or the ones which went through chemical process. So I can for sure review this product, as I have bleached my hair several times, colored and went through a keratine straightening process.

I came to use Kerastase as a recomendation from my hair doctor, Rita Khatwani, Head Trichologist, Enrich Salons, which is a big chain in India. She has a Doctorate in Biochemistry (Rutgers University), in addition to training in Trichology with David Kingsley of the World Trichology Society and addition clinical training at the British Sciences Corporation, Park Avenue, New York. She rescued my hair from a salon “accident” I suffered here in UAE (that deserves a special post). This is also the reason why I decided to take care of my hair on my own.


So after one month intense treatment with doctor Rita, she told me to keep taking care of my hair at home, with Kerastase products, because after my hair being burnt down with bleach at a salon, my hair would never be the same again, needing intense care.

But one BIG question mark came along with this conditioner: is it worth such a price?


Kerastase is the premium line from L’Oreal. The ingredients from its products can be found on Elvive products, which are also under L’Oreal. But Kerastase is out on the market as one of the best hair brands. So I decided to give it a try. It can’t be all marketing, can it?


As I bought it in India, it cost me 2.900 rupees, or 45 dollars each box. In UAE is a bit more expensive, as I found it for around 280 dirhams, or 76 dollars (checked on online stores). So I will keep buying it from India… hahahahaha.

The conditioner comes on a plastic bottle that comes with a lid under the cap, to protect the product from oxidation. The scent is flowery and very pleasant, in my opinion. But the smell wears off after one day.


Kerastase Masquintense comes in a very jelly-creamy texture and it is very nourishing, which is good, so you don’t need a lot of it to spread on the hair. Even though it comes only 200 ml on the bottle (so less for such pricey thing), you just need a tiny bit every time you use it. I wash my hair every 2 days and I do condition my hair with Masquintense, this way it lasts over one month and a half – two months. It is quite good lasting compare to other brands.

The directions of use is to leave it on the hair for 5 minutes. But, if my hair is really dry, specially after bleach bath to remove color, I mix it with some oils (coconut, almond, olive, ricinus, garlic, aloe vera and so on) and leave it on my hair from 20 to 45 minutes, along with a heat cap.


I started using this conditioner March this year, in India, while preparing for my marriage. Between March and August I used it every wash. Between August and October I lived without it for the first time and that’s when I realized what a difference it makes.

As I found it even more expensive here in UAE than in India, I decided to be without it for a while, thinking it wouldn’t be that bad for my hair if I keep my moisturizing hair masks every week as always. I started using Elvive shampoo, conditioner and mask. They are not bad… They were just not enough. My hair started getting dry by the day, full of knots and very dull.

A very special uncle came from India this week and he kindly brought me more. One wash and it works like a little miracle: shinny and bouncy hair again.

I know it is not the best price on the market and not an easy product to afford. But if your hair is in a critical condition and you can give this money up every 2 months, my advice is: BUY IT.

Hope you guys liked it. Any questions? Just leave it on the comments bellow ❤

Kiss kiss.

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