My Desertcart experience!

Hello everyone!!!

As I recently settled down in UAE, I am still trying out all sorts of things. From new brands, to new places, food and services. And last month I came across Desertcart.


Hubby and I are raising two cute baby sugar glider boys since the start of September, called Gnar and Snooze. They need very special care and different food.

Update: the lack of proper space and supplements got really dangerous. I wouldn’t be able to keep them in bad conditions. So Gnar and Snooze are now in an Animal Sanctuary in Abu Dhabi for educational purposes. They have a MASSIVE space and also teach kids about their species ❤


So the problem is that we still couldn’t find, in Dubai or Sharjah, their proper food, suplement and treats. We went to sooooo many places, and nothing. The way out was ordering online.

On, the most famous online shopping site in UAE, we were not able to find anything that would satisfy us. was also empty! No one could provide us food for our boys. But then came Desertcart.


While reading ratings and experiencefrom people that already used the service, I got a bit scared. People repeatedly saying their goods were not delivered, or somethings got broken, no client support, no answer from them… Lots of things that would make me back out from ordering from them.

But my boys REALLY needed their food and supplements…


Looking out closely on the site, I got to understand that it was working something like eBay! And reading further I learnt that Desertcart works as an “extension” of! They give you all the product list of suppliers that will deliver worldwide. So, when you order, you are actually ordering from someone else! And that’s the tricky part. Let’s pay attention to everything!


If you order anything online, you have to always double check the supplier, his ratings and people’s opinion. It can be a store or a normal person shipping it to you. Both can work fine, but both also can ship you fake, broken and wrong products. Or not ship it to you at all!

So, for example, on the food list for sugar gliders, I came across suppliers which people were accusing them for being fake or sending a different food from what the picture was showing. From them, I didn’t order, of course! I only ordered products from suppliers which were high rated and fine!


As you can see from this print screen of our order, the supplier has to ship themselves to Desertcart, which, AFTER, receiving the products, will pack and ship it to you. We still didn’t receive the fleece I ordered, because the supplier still didn’t ship it to Desertcart people. But the package we receive came to us safe and sound, nicely packed and nothing spoiled.




20151007_144835 20151007_144845 20151007_145039

I don’t believe I was lucky… I was trying to be as safe as possible! If I will receive the fleece, I don’t know.  My advice? If you have no other option but Desertcart, try to double check every little thing (as you must do to anything you order online). If they improve this side of their  business, Desertcart would become the best “bridge” for American products here in UAE.

I didn’t find what I wanted on eBay, or it was waaaay more expensive. The products on Amazon were not being delivered, so I went to Desertcart.

Few more important things:

  • Desertcart is not an “extension” of, they just provide you the same list that you would  find there;
  • Desertcart is not affiliated with;
  • Desertcart is responsible for the delivery of you product and its conditions;
  • For a better reference of the product you are buying, try to visit the website or contact the supplier.

I hope I was able to lighten up some of your doubts and fears!!

Lots of kisses and stay safe ❤


The other package came the next day after I post this… A super coincidence! Hehehehe. Everything was perfect and well packed ❤

26 thoughts on “My Desertcart experience!

  1. Hi!
    Found your review enlightening, especially considering the fact that has not exactly been the most popular of choices when one chooses to scout for reviews on it online. LOL. The reviews do really make a person hesitant to engage with them.

    I do have a question though since you mentioned doing research on the seller and such…
    I actually plan to purchase a pair of earphones through them however I’m unable to do research on the supplier/seller. So my question is…How did you conduct your search? Nothing on the site leads to information on the supplier unlike Amazon.

    Looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂


  2. nice Review. I actually used them and found them really good. I haven’t yet received the orders as it was only a few days ago. However, money was not debited from my account until they sent me confirmation that my orders had been packed!

    Also, they clearly mention that different orders might arrive at different times.

    I definitely will be using them more in future also.


    1. I was so scared in the begining!! I read so many bad things about them… But i decided to give it a try and i dont regret!! Thank you for reading and specialy for leaving your comment ❤❤


  3. I had quite a good experience with them, my mom ordered from Europe to me, in Sharjah. It came earlier than expected and I got a call from the delivery guy telling us he would come. Everything was well.

    The only thing I didn’t like is how their prices are excessive, way more than on amazon. But for some cheap things the price difference is not much, so it’s worth it if it’s something unavailable here.


  4. no response from costumer service

    i got some wireless headset worked for 10 days and stopped working.

    sent mails no response.

    from their twitter also no response

    no contact no mentioned in webSite


    66 Audio BTS+ Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sports Headphones feat. cVc Echo Noise Cancellation Technology and Hands-Free Calling incl. Multipoint Pairing [Amazon Exclusives]

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  5. I would like to share my experienced receiving a package from desertcart just awhile ago. The product is fine I think because this is for my Boss but what makes me upset and write my comment here is that the delivery lady (FILIPINA) is very rude and doesn’t know how to respect clients. Upon approaching me she directly mentioned the first name only of my Boss without Mr./Ms. and told me that you are the secretary right? just give it to “Jalal” I already spoke to him, and he knows about this delivery package. After that she left immediately without giving any form for me to receive and sign, without thank you or shall we say she is a zero CUSTOMER SERVICE delivery staff!. It is very informal for her to act such thing because the receiver is the Hospital Director. She does not have respect and deals with the clients in a first name basis. How inappropriate! When I confirmed to my Boss through call he said that he did not expect any package and did not spoke to anybody. This delivery lady is giving me trouble with my Boss. I wonder how she got her job when she does not know the right interaction and the right way to approach people. Most especially to the desertcart clients. I would suggest that you choose a courier that gives good service so that your company name will not be at stake if their will be any complaint against the delivery people.

    United Arab Emirates


  6. i just ordered in desert cart last week , as i am waiting for my delivery. the data is updated while i am checking the status online. so far, i think deser cart is also good same as here in uae.


  7. Great service for desert cart i ordered 2 items in amazon and i lost it now more than month , hut on the other hand desert cart i received my items in 1 week time from usa this is excellent, even the customer service and the courier were very polite and friendly i couldnt beleive that i didnt know about them


  8. I ordered 3 items and they charged me for all but they only delivered 1 item which was the cheapest.I’ve messaged and contacted their customer support but haven’t received a reply.

    I thought i shouldn’t listen to all the negative review and hearsays and try it for myself.

    But i should have listen to them all. No respect for customers at all.
    #moneywasted #badservice


    1. They dont deliver them all at the same time. Once we ordered some other items and one cames in 1 week and the others.almost a month later. Every item comes from.different suppliers and all of them have different delivery dates. Check them out.


  9. Thank you for sharing your experience with desertcart. Yesterday i finally decided to give a try and ordered few toys for my 6 year old son . Things he wanted we couldn’t find it here in Uae. I hope we will recieve it soon. I also recieve a confirmation to my email that i’v been charged.


  10. I have ordered more than 5 times from them, never had any issues with them. Glad to see you someone else had a great experience with them.


  11. I placed an order with for the first time a week ago, ordering food items. Almost every day I get a new notice stating they cannot ship one of the items because it is a “perishable food item”. Why the are they listing items they cannot transport?!


  12. thx for all information we got from ur experience with desertcart
    I want also to share with u my experiance with online shop on facebook called ( Brandsdoorway ) which I orderd them amaizing D&G shoe and was same description on their Fb page . i recommend it to u to take a look on this page .thx


  13. I also have a very bad experience with them. I waited one month for nothg… and they don’t pick up and don’t reply to my emails. I finally succeed to contact them and I asked for the address as I decided to file a complain at the police station but the gentleman who answered refused to give me the address… can u imagine how unprofessional this company??? I decided to refund everything i ordered and I informed them If i don’t receive my money back within 10days max I will visit the police and file a complain … so guys I don’t recommend anybody to deal with this company


  14. I’ve used them multiple times, though had more bad than good encounters. There’s another site ‘’ I used like twice which has the same things and are cheaper too (delivered quite fast without the extra charge desertcart wants you to pay up for). So far no issues…..

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