Hats!! How to wear them?


Hello everyone!!
I am here kinda excited with this thing of coming back with the blog and stuff… hahahahaha. Saturday morning, my husband is still sleeping and here I am wide awake working on this new text. I hope you like the tips.
I always try to talk about accessories people normally don’t wear, but they for sure should give it a try and start wearing. This comes from a fear of wearing it wrong, and who wouldn’t fear getting embarrassed in public? Not mentioning the insecurity. And as my mom taught me: “Doesn’t matter your style. You will look as good as how secure you feel with yourself.” ❤
So for now, the posts are based on what I normally see on people daily. In case of any doubts, or some  idea for posts, please (!) share and send it to me!! You can write for me on my Instagram (Mrs Unfunded), on the comments bellow or via email. Okay? 😀
Today I am going to talk about hats. Few people wear them daily… And a lot of times, like 2/3 of people, don’t wear them in a nice way, or in the right occasion. So instead of adding something good to the look, it ends up being a fashion disaster!
So let’s work!!
  • tumblr_mgo8ueqtgp1rh6xo6o3_250Hats with big brim often makes you look shorter. So it must be wear by taller people.
  • Don’t try to go out like a Christmas tree. If you hat has a lot of details and colors, the rest of the look MUST be neutral and basic. And vice-versa.
  • The hat should be the highlight of your look. Therefore, the other accessories mustn’t call too much attention.
  • The hat should not be loose, in a way it is tumbling in your head. And not too tight, that doesn’t fit on your head. Have common sense. Try to find the right size for you.
  • Create some color and textures contrasts between the hat and your clothes. JAnd NEVER try to match your hat and your clothes. NEVER.
  • If you are a very discreet person, choose to wear hats on formal events, such as weddings or parties in the afternoon and outdoors, for protection from the sun. On these occasions, hats big brim, for women, are more elegant. Other type of hats make the look very casual for a formal party.
  • Hats with small brim match trips, lunch, beach, swimming pool and barbecue.
Now let’s see some types of hats:

Panamá hat

panama hat via wildfox


mens-panama-hat ecuador_hat_samples

Fedora hat


1katie-holmes-fedora fedora2

Floppy hat

the_floppy_hat_who_wore_the_trend_best LANA-DEL-REY floppy-hat-0


Bowler hat (TREND ALERT)

2880272326_f835855055_o whitelace9e fergie-bowler-hat keira-knightley-bowler-hat-03

I hope you guys have enjoyed it!!

Remembering that these tips are the same for girls AND boys!

Beijo beijo!! Bye!


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