Try It: sweater + moccasin + capri

Hello everyone!!

I slave Bellatrix for my Try It! hahahahaha. I asked her to pass by to be my model for a day, so I could come up with a inspirational look for you guys. It was super fun having her around! She did her makeup (as you can see on this basic tutorial post) and I produced and photographed her.

She was looking sooooo pretty!

Shall we go to the photos?

20130119_161917 20130119_161804 20130119_161659 20130119_161720

20130119_161501 20130119_161424

Sweater: American Eagle

Capri pants: Zara

Moccasin: Shoestock

Purse: Louis Vuitton

A curiosity about this look? Bea thought it was going to look super weird putting everything together… But it is looking awesome ,right?

Did you like it? Would you wear it? Leave your opinion on the comments below!!

Beijo beijo!!

Song of the day!!

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