Make by Bellatreex: ”From Birkenstock to Creeper”

Hello everyone!!

Today my friend Bellatreex will give you guys some make up tips!

We got together for a photo session and used this time to prepare a really simple tutorial for you ❤

Step 1: Preparing the skin!
Wash your face well and put on a Primer you like the most. Always remember to use a proper soap for your skin type.


Step 2: Foundation
Don’t be scared of using it! It is never enough. Maybe it will have a bad appearance if your skin is too dry. That’s why a good primer should be effective enough to take care of that. Notice that Bellatrix is using a stick foundation. They are known of helping oily skin type and also give a matte effect, which is lovely.

Spread it well on lips as well. It will help applying the lipstick ❤


Step 3: Compact powder
Girl, at this step, please… Try to use a tone that will be as close as possible to your skin tone! You don’t wanna look like a ghost on the pictures later… hahahaha.

image 2


Step 4: Brush your eyebrows and remove any type of powder excess
You wanna know a secret? I normally hate eyebrows’ brush, so I go on and use an old toothbrush.


Step 5: Blush!
Attention: I am super against using the blush exactly on top of the cheek bones. I prefer applying it under it. This method values more jaw’s shape, and, on my opinion, it is way more beautiful. First, make the “fish face” and pay attention to the line that will form under the cheek bones, where Bellatrix fingers are. Apply your blush there.


Step 6: Eyebrows
Choose a shape that will mach your ace and good luck! Use a brush, girls. And don’t worry, if you commit any mistake, you just have to fix it with a bit of liquid foundation around it.


Step 7: Eye shadow
Bellatrix decided to apply a very dark brown, and smoked it till it got lighter. She was trying to imitate Twiggy, only marking the deep part of the eyes.


Step 8: Eyeliner
Remember to also apply it inside, on your waterlines! Thin or thick line, doesn’t matter. With this basic makeup, any of them will look nice. Attention to the edges: they don’t exist. It ends following the eye shape.


Step 9: Lips
Draw the outter line, creating a shape to your lips, with a red lip pencil. The more natural you can make it, more beautiful it will be:


And fill them with the red lipstick you like the most!


Makeup ready. Simple and really easy. With a bit of practice, you will be able to do it really quickly.


I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Reminding everyone that this was a basic tutorial for girls that are just starting on the makeup world. I know some tutorials may be kinda scary, cause they seem really difficult. So Bella and I came up with this simple one, to encourage girls out there!

Any questions or opinions? Feel free to share on the comments!!

Beijo beijo ❤

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