Why New Old Girl? / And I am back!!

Well, I was never very clear with the intentions of building a fashion blog (which is not supposed to be only about fashion, as you can see, there are a lot of different contents here).

A lot of girls and boys are afraid of sharing his or hers true feelings. Society became very harsh on sensitive people, giving them names and titles as if being sensible is something to be ashamed of.

So I am going to open up and start with myself as an example, to give this blog its true intentions. I want to connect to people through my own experiences and share what I find on my way. And I hope I can succeed.

Couple of years ago, I wasn’t living the best time of my life, so I decided by myself to star going to a psychologist. She was a really good and loving person. That made it easier for me to open up with her and talk about a lot of different problems. Some of them was my eating disorder, anorexia, identity confusion, depression, mood swings, anxiety, sleeping disorder, headaches, self esteem problems, etc

I used to look in the mirror and see a complete different person from what people used to describe me.

So one of the things the psychologist told me to do daily, to try to help me, was posting one picture of me every day. It wasn’t about showing myself off, it was about having the courage to put myself out there. To expose myself. She told me to try to have at least one picture of me I liked and  post.

That’s what I did

Later she was trying to show me that my ideas, my thoughts, my hobbies, they matter. They are interesting as I am an interesting person. So the psychologist told me to start a blog about something that would be easier for me to talk about, and that’s when the New Old Girl started.

A new version of my old me.

This blog in not about a egoistic show off of my life, it is a way of overcoming my fears.

Hope you guys enjoy and….

I am back ❤

Beijo beijo!

Video that I relate the most from that time.

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